Sunday, April 11, 2010

Think city

Think city, 2008

TH!NK city demands very little of you. In fact, not much more than a mobile phone. Just a little overnight power top-up, and it's ready to go in the morning. It can travel up to 170 kilometer (106 miles) on a fully charged battery and all for a fraction of the cost of petrol or diesel. All in all, TH!NK city is a lot less hassle than other cars. You just get in and drive.

Making running a car simpler
TH!NK city is a safe small car, offering driving features that are just perfect for you. Driving a silent car will give you a totally new everyday experience. And because electric motors don't have many moving parts that require servicing, you'll also enjoy the benefit of low operating and maintenance costs. Thanks to the car's unpainted plastic bodywork, the Think City can take the rough and tumble of city life without the usual visible dents and scratches.

A comprehensive, well-established safety concept makes TH!NK city a very safe car. Behind the wheel, you are protected and secure even if you are involved in a collision. The car is equipped with ABS brakes, airbags and three-point safety belts with pretensioners. The frame is designed to absorb energy and distribute it away from the passenger cell. Even the dashboard and knee padding have been developed to absorb impact. To further protect the driver and passengers, both doors have side impact bars and pusher blocks made of shockabsorbent materials. The ceiling, the front beam above the windscreen, and much of the interior are upholstered with shock absorbent foam.

he combination of a smart choice of materials, clever details and a focus on clean lines and surfaces have made the TH!NK city a prize-winning Norwegian design. The powerful shoulder line and well-defined wheel arches give the car a stance that clearly highlights its superior road handling and excellent driving features. The side indicator lights prominently placed on the wheel arches add innovative looks to exemplary functionality. TH!NK city's body is made of recyclable ABS plastic, designed for city driving, ideal for anyone wanting to avoid visible scratches and irritating little dents.

The car's interior is designed to offer the driver a pleasant environment, where the emphasis is on providing a clear view of the traffic. The interior has a feeling of space, with instruments that are easy to read. Form, quite simply, follows function. For instance, you can sit in complete comfort with your seat in the perfect position to allow you to quickly get in and out of the car during your busy daily schedule. The glass rear hatch allows you to see right down to the bumper of the car behind you when reversing. This means you can now parallel park with accuracy and control.

Designed with the environment in mind
Engineers, developers, buyers and designers have focused on the same thing: clean recyclable materials, non-polluting production processes, and the best possible use of materials. All this gives you a clean car. For example, the dashboard can be completely recycled. The fabric, body, supports, air ducts, adhesives and fixings are designed using the same recyclable materials. We have also used materials that have already been recycled wherever we could. 16% of TH!NK city is actually made from recycled materials.The plastic bodywork and other plastic panels have not been painted. This has enabled us to protect the environment from pollutants and use less energy, while also making the panels easier to recycle. Even the batteries are returned to the supplier at the end of their useful life.

Drive three times as far on the same amount of energy
A conventional car with an internal combustion engine - either petrol or diesel - uses less than 30% of its energy in getting to its destination. The remainder is lost to friction and heat. In a TH!NK city, 90% of the energy is channeled directly into getting you to your destination. In other words, its energy efficiency is three times higher than that of a car with an internal combustion engine. So, you can drive three times further for the same amount of energy. That's an energy saving proposition worth thinking about.

Acting locally
TH!NK city has zero tailpipe emissions. In fact, it doesn't have a tailpipe. No CO2 emissions. No NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions. No particle emissions. This makes your local environment a cleaner place to live.

* Number of seats 2 (2 rear seats incl 3-point seat belts as an optional extra)
* Number of doors 3 including rear hatch
* Length 3120 mm
* Width 1604 mm
* Height 1548 mm
* Turning radius 4,5 m
* Net wehicle weight 1113 kg
* Total weight 1397 kg
* Load capacity 284 kg
* Top speed 100 km/h
* Acceleration 0-50 km/h 6.5 seconds
* Acceleration 0-80 km/h 16.0 seconds
* Gradient 30% from stationary
* 5% gradient 300 seconds at constant 90 km/h
* Range IEC 170 km (summer tires, heater off)
* Range FUDS 180 km (summer tires, heater off)
* Range EU UDC 203 km
* Typical charge time:
o 0-100% SOC (state of charge) approx. 10 hours, 230 VAC / 14A
o 0-80% SOC (state of charge) approx. 8 hours, 230 VAC / 14A

* 2 front airbags
* Disable key for passenger airbag
* ABS brakes
* Regenerative brakes
* Power steering
* 4 kW electric heater
* Electric windows and mirrors
* 2 loudspeakers and aerial
* Central locking
* Mindbox

* Pre-heat timer
* Electrically heated windscreen
* Full length sunroof
* Radio CD
* Radio with MP3
* Radio CD with MP3, USB, Bluetooth
* Winter tyres
* Alloy wheels
* Steel wheels
* Roof rack
* 2+2 seats (including 3-point seat belts)

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